Decorating Tips for the Holidays


No matter the time of year, holidays always seem to be everyone’s favorite reason to celebrate. We finish toasting to the New Year and, next thing we know, Valentine’s Day is upon us—cue the chocolate buying and flower delivering. Then come St. Patrick’s Day, Passover and Easter, Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. And before we know it Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanzaa are here and then it starts all over.

Whatever holidays you choose to celebrate, IKO Community Management can help. Here are some HOA guidelines and decorating tips on holiday decorating to help you stay stress-free and relaxed, so you can enjoy the holiday season.


No matter the holiday, you always get a little more in the spirit when you begin bringing the dusty boxes full of decorations up from the basement. When you rip the tape apart, you smell the tinsel, the plastic eggs, or the various wreaths to hang upon your front door. You watch as glitter from homemade childhood crafts falls all over the floor. You and your children just cannot wait to blow up the front yard inflatables, but there are a few tips and tricks you should know before plugging in those holiday lights:

Follow your community’s HOA rules. We know that sometimes excitement can get the best of your better judgment, but to avoid fines and fees, you should read up on your community’s guidelines and restrictions on holiday decorating before the season starts. Each HOA neighborhood is different, so the rules will vary from home to home. Feel free to request your community’s guidelines here.

Follow the established decorating timeline.When you start hearing seasonal music in the grocery store and those holiday discounts at your local mall, splurging on presents and readying your home is not far off. We love your enthusiasm, but you may want to stick to the unofficial schedule of decorating. A lot of people suggest putting outdoor decorations up while the weather is not too harsh yet, but more than 55 percent of homeowners believe that it is only acceptable to turn on or light up winter decorations the day after Thanksgiving.

Indoor decorations are typically based on the preference of the family, but you may want to wait a little longer to put up the tree or any glass decorations if you have toddlers. This is so your home can preserve the holiday spirit without any accidents.

As for ornamental spring and summer holidays, such as St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, the Fourth of July and Cinco de Mayo, home décor experts suggest setting up signs and lights around 2 weeks prior to the celebration.

Store your decorations effectively.Dispose of those adornments accordingly and store what you need for next year in an organized manner. Instead of packing everything into one box and hoping for the best next year, try some of these quick tips that will save you a lot of stress and time:

  • Store alike items in a sturdy plastic bin or container (since cardboard boxes and tape tend to wilt under pressure and with time
  • Invest in an ornament organizer
  • Use a shoe rack for plastic Easter eggs, delicate candles, or small yard signs
  • Use a yard hose holder as a light de-tangler
  • Use a permanent marker to label your bins by holiday and decoration type
  • Buy a wrapping paper holder for all occasions
  • Make a list of what you were missing, what you did not have a container for and what you want for next year—this will come in handy when the next holiday season approaches


When you decide that you don’t want nor need a decoration anymore consider giving it to charity (if it is still in good and/or working condition) or to a relative or friend. If that does not work out, dispose of it properly. This means recycling glass or plastic and giving batteries to Battery Solutions or Batteries Plus for proper handling.

Whatever holidays you choose to celebrate, remember these tips to make your holiday decorating stress free and relaxing.

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