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Mixed Use & PUD

IKO Community Management understands the unique needs of mixed-use communities, from homeowner expectations to best practices in commercial, retail and public area management and development. Mixed-use properties offer a combination of residential, commercial, and retail space. IKO customizes our services to your unique needs, and leverages our resources and experience in residential, office, and retail to create the best value in professional community management.

IKO understands and manages the diverse factors of a mixed-use community to provide a great experience for owners, tenants, and customers. IKO tailors every relationship to the client’s budget and expectations. Always professional, our expert team devotes attention to every facet of your community by understanding the nuances of each type of property. 

IKO understands the intricacies of overseeing common/community amenities, including accounting for multiple associations, shared facilities, daily use charges, and assessment allocations. Our years of experience assures your satisfaction.

IKO Community Management’s services include:

  • Comprehensive accounting services and full financial reporting
  • Budgeting and capital planning
  • Managing the intricacies of common/community amenities and shared facilities, including all related billing or assessments
  • Vendor selection management and contract management
  • Resident and tenant relations and retention programs
  • Residential/retail analysis
  • Welcome books, packages, and manuals
  • Customized community websites and newsletters
  • Board of Directors relations
  • Building services and amenities such as valet and concierge services
  • Building maintenance, preventive maintenance programs, and ongoing preservation
  • Specialized services

Contact us or request a proposal to learn more about what IKO Community Management has to offer your mixed use and PUD community.

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